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masterapparently these were backwardsCharles Hall20 months
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2018-06-04apparently these were backwardsHEADmasterCharles Hall
2018-06-04games didn't like my clutch layerCharles Hall
2018-02-20changed the lcds to just be blueCharles Hall
2018-02-20added more layers and shuffled some things aroundCharles Hall
2018-02-19Merge branch 'master' of Hall
2018-02-19added custom keymapCharles Hall
2018-02-19Minor updates to docs (#2406)Ben Hilburn
2018-02-19Readme img link updates (#2410)Jason Barnachea
2018-02-19Update dilly default keymap (#2413)Danny
2018-02-181up60rgb Keyboard Support (#2404)rempired