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masterAdded box for entering levelBenjamin2 years
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2018-01-18Added box for entering levelHEADmasterBenjamin
2018-01-18Switched to TUIBenjamin
2018-01-15Added skill proficiency selectionBenjamin Lee
2018-01-15Implemented calculation for autofill fieldsBenjamin Lee
2018-01-15Got a simple command line prototype of character creationBenjamin Lee
2018-01-14fixed proficiency and added levelRednax825
2018-01-14Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Benjamin-L/rpg-sheetBenjamin Lee
2018-01-14Renamed things and added json load/save methodsBenjamin Lee
2018-01-14added abilities to 5e templateRednax825
2018-01-14Added some more paramters to fieldsBenjamin Lee