benjamin/dqmotDon't Quote Me On That: a tool for managing quotes 5 days
charles/dqmotfork of benjamin's dqmot tool 5 days
charles/dotfilesI use Arch btw 7 days
all/maxels-renderExperiment in voxel game rendering 2 weeks
charles/type_erased_collectionBizarre collection of type-erased trait implementors 3 weeks
charles/cexecCore Executor, a no_std Futures runtime 3 weeks
all/slagRust blog webserver 8 weeks
charles/nrf24l01x_bbnRF24L01+ Breakout Board 2 months
benjamin/dotfilesMy linux dotfiles 2 months
charles/lofiveMisc experiments with a LoFive R1 2 months
benjamin/radonA high performance global illumination renderer 2 months
charles/hifive1Fork of 2 months
charles/shotgunThe universal communicator 3 months
all/fmpFederated Message Passing (Chat Server and Client) 3 months
benjamin/guile-rustHigh level guile bindings for rust 3 months
charles/blog_webserverA simple blogging webserver with an equally simple name 3 months
charles/rgb_led_strip_driverLPC810M021FN8 as a non-addressable RGB LED strip driver 3 months
all/ld45Ludum Dare 45 (train mayhem) 3 months
all/f1ar3A game 6 months
charles/mmiMinecraft Modpack Installer 7 months
charles/scanlnThe inverse of println 7 months
charles/cobaltA toy kernel written in Rust 8 months
all/vcswebWIP web frontend and API for version controlled repositories 8 months
charles/chocolateYes, this is a Minecraft modpack 8 months
charles/ayceMy team's Ludum Dare 44 game 8 months
benjamin/ball-gfx-halSimple game to explore vulkan and network programming 9 months
benjamin/imgui-gfx-halImgui backend for gfx-hal 9 months
benjamin/chocolateYes, this is a minecraft modpack 9 months
all/directreeA macro for expressing directory trees at compile time 9 months
all/hivemindMatrix homeserver in Rust 9 months
benjamin/fmpFederated message passing (fork) 9 months
benjamin/file_treeProcedural macro for declaring filesystem structures 10 months
charles/task_managerA task manager for humans (also known as a to-do list) 11 months
benjamin/cgit-highlighterSyntax highlighting filter for cgit, using a syntect backend 13 months
benjamin/imgui-winitA simple translation layer between winit and imgui 13 months
benjamin/xkcd-discord-botBot to post new xkcd comics in discord 15 months
all/ld42Ludum Dare 42 17 months
all/maxelsVoxel game 18 months
benjamin/ttwmTagged tiling window manager 18 months
benjamin/void-packagesThe Void source packages collection (fork) 19 months
benjamin/benjamin-self-botSelf bot for discord 20 months
charles/qmk_firmwarePersonal fork of QMK for my devices 20 months
charles/tic_tac_toeMy first Rust project, the venerable Tic Tac Toe 20 months
benjamin/steno-dictsPlover dictionaries 21 months
benjamin/discord-markovGenerate markov chains of discord users from scraped data 21 months
all/libmatrix-clientA client-server interaction library for matrix in c 21 months
benjamin/rust-for-c-programmersA rust tutorial for people familiar with existing systems programming languages 21 months
all/fast_fragsA fast-paced top down grappling hook game where you die fast 22 months
benjamin/tron-rsRust networked tron game 22 months
charles/matrix-pyA script for messing with the Matrix protocol 22 months
all/logoThe Chronic Embetterment logo in its various forms 23 months
charles/dotfile-cabinetA script for managing version-controlled dotfiles 23 months
benjamin/ipackA small CLI tool to pack varying-size images into fixed-size pages 24 months
benjamin/rpg-sheetA generic system for handling character sheets in pen-and-paper roleplaying game...2 years
charles/lpc810-boilerplateHello world for the LPC810M021FN8 2 years
charles/mcsictlMinecraft Server Instance Controller 2 years
benjamin/forth-to-bfA compiler from forth to brainfuck 2 years
all/ground_upA sandbox survival voxel game with pluggable content 2 years
charles/cygscripts Cygwin installer/updater helper scripts 2 years
benjamin/qmk_firmwareMy keyboard firmware 3 years
benjamin/procedural-bird-call/r/proceduralgeneration June 2017 challenge: sound effects 3 years
charles/win64-roborio-qemuScripts for emulating the roborio on Windows 3 years
benjamin/polarizeA physically based 3D renderer in Rust 3 years
benjamin/ld38Ludum dare 38: interplanetary billiards 3 years
benjamin/liliumAlternate syntax for lilypond 3 years
charles/lpc810-rc-carAn RC car and remote powered by two LPC810s and supporting hardware 3 years
benjamin/echoA stealth game based on representing sound propagation visually 4 years
benjamin/ clone in a hyperbolic plane 4 years
benjamin/sabin-block-mapA web app for organizing disaster planning in the Sabin neighborhood 4 years
all/ld35Ludum Dare 35 - Slime Mold Revenge 4 years
benjamin/ld34Ludum Dare 34 - Protoplanet 4 years
benjamin/delphiniumA roguelike with an interesting magic system 4 years
benjamin/online-buzzerA simple online buzzer system 4 years
benjamin/kariAn embeddable scripting language for rust 4 years
benjamin/qrenderA fast photorealisitc renderer 5 years
benjamin/DinosauriaA realistic dinosaur game 6 years